March 11, 2019

Nottoway High School, Central High School and Kenston Forest School – Seniors

RE: SACT Legacy Scholarship Offer REPLY DUE APRIL 22, 2019

This letter is a call for applicants for the Annual Southside Area Community Theater (SACT) Legacy Scholarship. The purpose of SACT is to enhance the quality of life in Southside Virginia, by providing quality theater experiences for the residents of Southside, Virginia. SACT also provides training and education for actors, directors and others involved or interested in theatrical productions.

This scholarship is named to honor the founders and principle supporters of the SACT who, in 2008, took steps to establish the Southside Area Community Theater. We propose to offer one selected Senior from Nottoway, High School, Kenston Forest or Central High School a $1,000.00 scholarship payable to their selected university to assist with expenses related to education.

This Scholarship is not limited to students who have engaged and participated in theatrical endeavors. Because of SACTs’ appreciation for all the fine arts, we have elected to consider students who have talents and accomplishment in painting, poetry, sculpture, music, theatrical related efforts in make-up, lighting and stage or set construction and design. Current Senior Students in good standing may apply for this scholarship by submitting an essay describing personal accomplishments in the arts and educational goals with regard to furthering their talent in their selected creative avocation. The essay must be at least 250 words in length and be submitted not later than April 22, 2019. Samples of artistic creations or other artistic endeavors, writings, poetry, photographs or recordings may be submitted optionally. These items are not required to be considered.

Submissions should also include two testimonials from teachers or mentors familiar with the student’s talent.

Applications must be submitted to the following address:

Southside Area Community Theater,
Scholarship Application
PO Box 71 – Blackstone, VA 23824

With Sincerest Regards,
Sandra Lowe